Course Level PBL

Third Year CLPBL Summary

Third Year CLPBL Summary

Now-a-days, product development skills in engineering students can be enhanced by using Project-based Learning (PBL) in curriculum. PBL is a technique which motivates students to study the concepts in detail which may or may not be given in curriculum. PBL helps the students to understand the concept more practically. According to the University pattern 6th semester of Third year Mechanical students is considered to be very crucial as it contains many core subjects like Machine design, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Finite Element analysis, Mechatronics, Metrology and quality control. Students need to study all these core subjects together in one semester, in order to make it easy for them to understand the concepts, we decide to conduct CLPBL for Third year students. Instead of considering only one subject for PBL, we merged 3 subjects (Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Machine design and Finite element analysis). This obviously helped them to understand the concepts practically and easily.

Course Learning Outcomes:
• CLO1. To acquaint with concepts of design based on strength and rigidity.
• CLO2. To make conversant with preparation of working drawing based on designs.
• CLO3. To calculate cooling load of cooling equipment.
• CLO4. To analyse the component using FEM.
• CLO5. To check the thermal stability of vortex tube.
• CLO6. To familiarize with the design data book and various codes of practice.

Problem Statement:
Failure rate and manufacturing cost of vortex tube is high due to improper material selection. Hence, there is a need to design and develop economical vortex tube with higher life span.

What will students achieve after successful completion of CLPBL?
Students will be able to-
• Analyze the engineering problems critically and apply the knowledge of engineering to get the solutions.
• Design complex component by using highly advanced software and analytical tools.
• Develop the concepts which will improve the key performance parameters of the society.
• Understand the importance of working in team and time management.
• Improve communication and writing skills.
• Develop large scale practically feasible model.

No of Teams: 8

Activity: PBL day celebration on 5th March, 2019
Students were supposed to present their updated work with the help of a poster presentation. In total 8 groups made 8 posters and a poster presentation was conducted to check the status of their work. The students were suggested and judged by the panel.