Department of Mechanical Engineering

Value addition program (Tech PBL)

In this event, students came to understand the concept of Practical applications in  Engineering. In the first two days of this Value addition program, students were taught the basics of the engineering practice, the next two days students were given practical exposure on the field, last two days trainer has allotted the projects to the students.


Students got trained on how to use the ANSYS Workbench GUI, how to interface with CAD geometry, how to mesh the geometry, how to apply loads and boundary conditions, how to solve the analysis, and how to post-process the results.

Students understood the basics of finite element theory and gained insight on how to create and analyze models.


Engineering syllabus provides a thorough knowledge of the working of an engine, but it is also necessary to have a practical understanding of all the parts of the engine as well. Taking this into consideration, the Mechanical Department organized a VAP to understand the various components of the engine

Bridge Health Monitoring System

Students presenting their project: Bridge Health Monitoring System to Industrial Expert Guests